Oh I will carry you over fire and water for your love

Audrey. 23.
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"If I were going write a book, it would be about me and all my stuff. It’d be called All My Stuff and Things."

OTP : Harry&Louis
OT5 means everything

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be with me so happily

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Why are you in the One Direction fandom?


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22/??? harry styles close-ups

22/??? harry styles close-ups

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I want louis to hug me so tight that he steals my soul and leaves me as a lifeless piece of dust



do u ever think ed just calls harry like “hey bro I feel like writing a song can u talk about louis for a bit”


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If One Direction does another 1D day, I swear…. I’ll probably end up watching the entire thing from my couch even though I promised mysELF AFTER THE LAST 8 HOUR ONE THAT I WOULD NEVER STOOP TO THAT LEVEL AGAIN.

San Siro, Milan - June 29 x

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